How to enable user registration and password encryption · How WaveMaker provides support for password encryption · How to Handle Error Situations in. How to integrate Amazon Cognito for User Authentication New; How to integrate Jasper Reports into a WaveMaker App New; How to generate PDF Files using. 26 Oct WaveMaker is a RAD platform to develop and deploy web and mobile applications. This document is intended to be a walkthrough of the.

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You will get a confirmation mail with a link to activate your account. Mobile Widgets How to enable page navigation using Tabbar How to customise Navbar How to use search widget within leftnav How to add documenttion leftnav New How to use Barcode Scanner widget with web service.

API Proxy supports fault tolerance and automatic fail-over to multiple backup nodes.

Type indicates whether it is an application — web or mobile; or a prefab. Tap into enterprise data and core systems.

The Configuration Documentatino allows one to run the same application under different environments with different configurations.

Low-code Development with WaveMaker

Building Hybrid Mobile Apps 1. Creating Platform-specific installer 3. As an owner of the project, you can delete the same. Accounts Access allows you to view the following details: Widgets get their data from backend Services through binding to Variables. Assignments made Dofumentation wise will be available to Admin.


Two-pass development approach to enterprise applications. Project Listing will list all the apps, Prefabs, and template bundles, depending upon the tab you select. Custom Widgets — Prefabs 9.

Binding of the Variables to Widgets helps in capturing the data from the user or fetching data from the backend services. How to capture user selection How to handling dynamic data How to displaying custom data. API Discovery Enable app development. Data Integration — Variables 6. Tree Widget How to build a tree from static variable How to build tree from java service How to build a dynamic tree. Building a Responsive Web Application. Reference Template Bundle Custom templates built into a bundle.

Manager of the employees can approve or reject the leaves applied. Reference Actions Implement the business logic, rules and data flow Actions assist in invoking a backend API, Database operation or navigation to another page when a UI event occurs. Managers can, in addition, view the list of all employees.

Mobile UI Design 2. A Dashboard will show the requests and assignments of devices made department wise and also assets wise. Based on the roles, users will be to access specific pages. The browser language preference of the user can be captured. If the user running the WaveMaker app has language preference set in their browser and that language is supported by the app i.


Documentation Reference – WaveMaker 8.x

Manage and drive adoption of existing APIs. Custom Widgets — Prefabs 9. Custom Widgets — Prefabs 9. Mobile App Development 1.

Modern Web Apps ii. Describe, producing, consuming and visualizing RESTful web services using Swagger, the most popular specification standard. Data Integration — Variables 6.

Project Shell is an wavemakker with functionality that is common to multiple apps across the enterprise. We use cookies to provide you with a better experience. Themes Overview Creating Themes Variable Provides data integration for the widgets Variable holds the actual data to be rendered by the widgets.

You only need a way to action them. Every organization provides various assets to their employees.