7 Jul Universo em Desencanto or “Universe in Disenchantment” was written by Manoel Jacinto Coelho. It contains all the teachings of a sect known. Discover Tim Maia’s track Universo Em Desencanto. Complete your Tim Maia record collection. Shop new and used Vinyl and CDs. É o expoente máximo da CULTURA RACIONAL, a Cultura do Terceiro Milênio autor da Obra “UNIVERSO EM DESENCANTO” com mais de volumes.

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The same phenomenon is observed in religion. Estudante Racional rated it it was amazing May 20, Follow Sounds and Colours: For this reason, we cannot hate the snakes for their poison, and neither love the flowers for the perfume. Adalberto Albuquerque marked it as to-read Apr 30, Igor marked it as to-read Jul 20, Maia wanted to change all the lyrics to reflect his new faith.

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The same is observed in the human beings who are apparently good but cannot hold to virtuous attitudes, which are sometimes are the worst in the human nature. We painted all our instruments white, even the drums. Because this is the way it is in the matter, the thought had its beginning and its end had to come; for in the matter everything is like that, everything has a beginning and everything has an ending.

Bruna marked it as to-read Apr 11, The phase of thought having ended inthe world is undergoing horrible and terrible moments, difficult moments, because of not knowing the recuperation phase, the Rational Phase. Where there are fights, there are no rights, for nobody is reasoning!


The Books Universe in Disenchantment present a detailed description of the origin of humanity, the beginnings and its evolution. The thought has stopped working because its phase has ended, the minds have stopped, the regulation deeencanto stopped and you are without regulation, and without regulation, the violence.

Universo em desencanto: imunização racional

Hence, we are all materialized in the form of Rational Animal. They are usually sighted by people who describe them as short green humanoids, who wander in the woods, collecting plants, animals for experiences, etc… They are, in fact, intra-terrestrial beings who live on experiences, for they know almost nothing about their own nature, neither can they tell who they are exactly due to the unconsciousness in which they live.

Therefore, nobody can go against Nature, which always defines, in a matter of seconds, the end to any kind of thought.

He [Coelho] had lived there for 15 years in an enormous property that even included a motel for extraterrestrials. Trivia About Universo em desen The album sold few copies with all profits going to the cultnot helped by the fact that it was being released by this small, new label and not Philips with its huge distribution network.

Paperback1pages. The identity, though, remains Rational in the machine of reasoning — our true similarity with God. When someone does not appreciate what is being served, they can simply refuse it in a polite way. Hence these people keep fighting and quarreling, misunderstood with themselves, the others and Nature. While the thought was in force, in its phase, everyone more or less with regulation. It is the culture of the development of the reasoning.

Tim Maia’s Journey into Rational Culture

He released a second volume of Racional in They believed that aliens exist. Aline Nunes marked it as to-read Aug 12, All that in the search of a peace which has never been found; on the opposite, the fights have always prevailed among those who imposed their ways of thinking over the others in hellish and hideous disputes. The phase of the Rational animal, which was the phase of thought, has ended and the Rational Phase, Which is nature’s natural phase, has started.


This image depicts the existence of other worlds; the world that gives consequence to this one, in which we live, is the Rational World.

What is RATIONAL CULTURE? – Leia o Livro Universo em Desencanto

And thus, with the assiduous reading of this knowledge, everyone, without any effort, very naturally, without the need of attending any place, will be oriented in everything, receiving the orientations required for one’s perfect moral, physical and financial equilibrium, inside one’s own home or wherever one happens to be. Just a moment while we sign you in to your Goodreads account. Everything arriving at the right time and at the necessary time.

A couple of days later he rang his guitarist Paulinho. Nonetheless there are people that are unable to understand that, because of their own evil, which prevents them from recognizing rights. The Rational Animals, for lack of self-knowledge, live and suffer, thinking of themselves better than all the others — when, in fact, they are nothing but a sufferers.