Tughlaq written by Girish Karnad in , is his best loved play, about an idealist 14th-century Sultan of Delhi, Muhammad bin Tughluq, and allegory on the. Abstract. The present research paper deals with Girish Karnad’s ‘Tughlaq’ as a historical play. ‘Tughlaq’ by Girish Karnad is a classic in. Indian English drama. 1 Aug Muhammad Bin Tughlaq, who ruled from Delhi in the fourteenth century, Girish Karnad is an internationally reputed playwright; This edition.

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As gkrish of the problems of leadership today are tughaq like trust, credibility, authenticity and legitimacy, the play captures the importance of credibility for a leader. Shouldnt have rated this book but couldnt resist it.

Karnad decided to rise to the challenge. Despite being a translation, it’s well written and captures the details of politics and diplomacy with an ease no other author could have managed. The Daulatabad move, says Sandeep Singh, the Shri Ram Centre repertory chief, was, in fact guided by the motive that Daulatabad [in Maharashtra] was a centre for his Hindu subjects.

What Girish Karnad’s play Tughlaq says about India’s politicians

The result was a nation where direction and transformative vision was hard hughlaq establish. He ended his career in bloodshed and chaos. The story has left an imprint on my mind. Karnad explores the psyche of Tughlaq and we, as Karnad has very effectively designed Tughlaq’s character with the blend of history and myth.

Were his projects an expression of madness or driven by political calculation? This dynamic is significant when set against the condition in which Girissh writes the drama. It’s as relevant today as when it was first written and as relevant as when it’s set. Anyways I loved the playwright and I am eager to read his other playwrights right now. This theme of political transformation stumped in the face of temporal reality is a significant part of the drama. The Sacrifice Girish Karnad.

Also he was an extremist of Islam inducing forced conversions and jizyaeven in the underprivileged who were usually exempted off it, all of which overshadows the greatness he achieved prior.


Tughlaq (play)

Tughlaq climbs these stairs to issue his orders; his minions positioned at various levels on the staircase fight it out for his attention. At first he doesn’t seem like an important character. Many dictators started with a vision of creating a better world. We performed it in Hindi at my school and it was a hit.

He is often commemorated by historians as the Mad King, for going off the reservation with a series of failed uncanny governance ideas.

The chaos and fragmentation that results out of a vision steeped in genius and transformation becomes a part of both the ruler’s narrative and the nation’s history. This dynamic is significant when set against the condition in which Karnad writes the drama. Re-read it yirish a long time, and loved it just as much.

Jun 22, Debapriyo Sarkar rated it really liked it Shelves: Those who choose the latter are in a minority and may be gkrish the receiving end of things girishh are at peace with themselves in my opinion while the former are torn by guilt and constantly restless. And at the end, when his disguise is off, he is the only one who faces the emperor head on though he was just a mere dhobi.

The wise man’s mistakes Tughlaq is short, funny, analogous, based on facts and a page turner. How this plays out in the mind of the karnda ruler becomes one of the central issues of the drama. Overall, the play was a quick read, however, much can be contributed if the historical character is understood in proper sense.

Reading Tughlaq was both enjoyable and enlightening for me as I could chalk out many similarities that the play resembles to the modern Indian politic scenario as well. He has translated his major plays into English, and has received critical acclaim across India. Choose your country or region Close. It also explores the legitimacy of the means which influences the ends. Sep 18, Vijaykumar ullagaddi rated it really liked it.

Much later thru my fav columnist Jay Vasavada Gujarati newspaperI came to know that he is one our best modern playwrights. The story mostly elaborates mistakes of the most educated of all muslim rulers who ever ruled over India and his wise man’s mista The wise man’s mistakes Tughlaq is short, funny, analogous, based on facts and a page turner.


It is reflective of the India that Karnad sees in front of him, a stunning realization between the gulf between what is and what can be. The humor is subtle but one of the best I have come across in a long time. Look forward to a movie adaptation or a live performance some day. It is one that compels authentically transformative leaders to risk much in order to challenge an existing system that goes against their vision.

Extremely disturbing description of certain practices Much of the situations and political games hold true till date. It is one that compels authentically transformative leaders to risk much in order to challenge an existing system that goes against their vision.

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And as I publish this right now, another ridiculous Tughlaq Darbar is being orchestrated in Karnataka Parliament by majoritarian and coalition politics that might hopefully reach a clincher by today evening.

Jan 03, Akshay rated it liked it. Muhammad bin Tughlaq is a complex character and I think many young adults who are full of idealism should be able to identify with him. We see a learned and clever individual with idealistic visions for a kingdom gifish wasn’t ready to accept his progressive regime. That particular plot is captured in this satirical play by Girish Karnadwhom a local yokel like me might easily identify, with some obvious google help, as the grumpy old government man from Bollywood movies.

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