7 Sep For additional manuals, contact Thermotron Industries: interface command set is identical to the computer interface command set. Thermotron offers product information for all of our premier environmental and Electrodynamic Vibration Testing Handbook · Accelerated Stress Test (AST) Controller Demo · ThermoTrakII · Universal Converter Desktop Software. Thermotron’s Programmer Controller offers a inch color touch screen display making operation and data collection easier and more reliable than ever.

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Thanks for the LV8.

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I issue a warning to manual change it on the screen. Take a look at the details of the complete project and snapshot below: Message 14 of This can be a good reference point for user of other Thermotron series by referring to the user manual and replacing some of the instruction set with little modification. Mike It’s not as tricky as some of them I have had to deal with The set point can be changed but thermotron 8800 manual not show up as a changed set point even though you read thermotron 8800 manual value back until the RUNM command is executed.


Message 16 of Vote for me if you think it’s cool! I run an initial check of which temperature scale is in effect and if it is not the one I thermotron 8800 manual, I issue a warning to manual change it on the screen.

I found a few problems with the controller interface and the commands sent to it. Auto-suggest helps you quickly narrow down your search results by suggesting possible matches as you type.

8800 Programmer Controller

Controlling Thermotron – Basic steps. Thanks for figuring this out and converting them for MF.

The is a tricky controller. I wrote them for serial communication.

Message 15 of Sharing attached student-level created subVIs for Thermotron thermtron It is very simple by referring to the thermotron user manual and send thermotron 8800 manual command thru tcp protocol vi library. I think that confused the Save thermotron 8800 manual Previous because it probably caused some type of recursion while doing the save.

thermotron 8800 manual Controlling Thermotron – Basic steps Solved! Try this zip file. I basically wrote a standalone application that can detects and replicates most of the basic functions on the thermotron touch panel.

I believe even operating it manually you thermotron 8800 manual to enter your setpoint Thermotton press RUN unless a process is already running. Once I removed the project files out of the project, the save for previous then worked okay.


Any other anomalies out there with this controller?

Programmer Controller | Thermotron Industries

Message 13 of Most Active Software Boards: These commands are not reflected on the screen at all. Message 12 thermotron 8800 manual I will try to remember to not include these next time. Message 17 of The problem was that those files were listed in the project hierarchy when they are the files that actually define the project hierarchy. I run thermotroh initial check thermotron 8800 manual which temperature scale is in effect and if it is not the one I expect. Just to be clear, it was good to include those files as part of the zip file.

Message 11 of However, while waiting, I wrote a few VI’s to do commands to the