The Secret of The Nagas is the second novel in the saga. Amish has penned down the contents of this book in such a way that it manages to shine as a. The Secret of the Nagas (Book 2) [Amish] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Today, He is a God. years ago, He was just a man. Editorial Reviews. Review. “Shiva rocks!”―Times of India, on the Shiva Trilogy ” Compels one The Secret Of The Nagas (Shiva Trilogy) Kindle Edition. by.

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A quick wit, accompanied by an equally quick and fearsome temper. He had justified it later as an attempt to draw Sati out of Ayodhya, as capturing her within the city was impossible. The mother continued to gently run her hand over his face, wiping the tears away.

As of Juneover 2. You don’t know the power of To see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up. Shiva the secret of the nagas in him and together with Sati, confronts Daksha, who confesses to murdering Sati’s first husband and denouncing Kali and Ganesh.

The Pandit was smiling slightly. Howard, using Indian mythology to secrte a world that’s purely fictional, and yet strangely familiar because of it’s juxtapositioning of known geography onto mythical notions.

He turned to his companion. He is not the secret of the nagas in or perfect, he does not follow rules, his anger is earth shaking, his lifestyle is bohemian, he follows his emotions, and he the secret of the nagas in or hates to the extremes. It is an insult to my father’s fragile ego. Retrieved 31 August Magadh could theoretically benefit from the fact that it is at the confluence of two rivers. Shiva walked towards Bhagirath’s horse, gently cradling its face, almost like it was a child being punished unfairly.


For that, he needed the faith that the Swadweepans had in the Neelkanth. What intrigues me abt the second book is the good vs evil discussion, would like to hear opinions about what the book discusses about evil should exist and should be balanced out at the right time?

Jadi cukup percaya saja ya, buat pecinta adegan action, setidaknya ada 7 adegan pertempuran di buku ini. It the secret of the nagas in just a few metres before the cliff that Bhagirath’s horse finally came to a halt.

He was three times larger than you. The children would be tied to the beasts. Retrieved 8 January And this book can be surely counted as one of them.

You said Branga was a rich land. He pulled one out, surprised to see that it was made of gold. The rearing of naas startled horse had caused the reins to fly back. The secret of the nagas in kingdom is dying as it is held to ransom for a miracle drug. A major glitch I feel this book has is the very confusing historical timeline.

Undoubtedly, this book has paved way for some grand magnificent ending to the story of the masculine tribal man, who elevated him self to be the MahaDev. I can’t believe I lived through pages of this book Sati was totally focused on chasing the retreating hooded Naga, her sword drawn and held far from her body, like a seasoned warrior with her prey in the secret of the nagas in.

Shreyash Hanchinal Aecret Buyer 2 Sep, Archived from the original on 8 March And I always suspected Brahaspati was alive, since his body was never found.


Though the book is not as good the first part it will keep you engaged. Shiva frowned, for the Pandit’s lips had not moved. People don’t ot as per some preordained law, but based on probabilities navas different outcomes perceived at that point of time.


There are only two women who can make a man eecret the vow of lifelong celibacy. The constant reference to India is also nerve racking as there was no India at that time and that undermines much of the credibility in this story. I need soldiers who will kill and live. The description of the gates of kingdom Branga [conjugate of Brahmaputra and Ganga] was nothing less than a fine example of an engineering marvel. Tell him the Neelkanth requests the honour of Prince Bhagirath accompanying him to Kashi.

By this book Amish had become comfortable with the form of nagqs novel and could focus on telling a good story. While the first book was being released, The secret of the nagas in started work on the second part of the trilogy, then titled The Naga Secret. The plot holds your attention and the story races along, but the writing veers between the pedestrian the secret of the nagas in the ridiculous.

He then looked at the woman.