The Edge of Desire is the fourth novel by Tuhin A. Sinha, who is a best selling author, a columnist and the scriptwriter of several popular T.V. shows. It is a great . Tuhin A. Sinha is an Indian author and politician. He is known for the novels The Edge of Power, The Edge of Desire, Of Love and Politics, That Thing Called. Book Review of The Edge of Desire by Tuhin A. Sinha Hachette India, ISBN: , , Pages, Price: Rs. Reviewed By: Dr. Shamenaz.

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The Edge of Desire – Tuhin A. Sinha: A Review

As a reader one can see how much you have remained true to actual events — but as the writer, how much do you think you have based your book on actual events, even if tangentially?

Investigating the professional pasts of Supreme Court Judges.

When things appear to be the darkest, Sharad Malviya, charming, yet intelligent gives an ultimate solution to her problem, a ticket to elections to win and grasp the justice she deserves. Circumstances improve a little then.

The Edge of Desire

What was Suniel Shetty doing in Singapore? Aditya rated it really liked it May 17, The book gives an insight into what India really looks like. Rohit character was completely shadowed though his lives was equally full of turmoil and out of control, though he was also suffering from emotional ground too.

By Tuhin A Sinha. There are some inexplicable twists especially Shruti’s ascendancy in politics, and Sharad Malviya’s affinity towards her. Leave a Reply The edge of desire tuhin sinha reply Enter your comment here How do you view tuhon progress?

The Edge of Desire by Tuhin A. Sinha

I felt a whole range of emotions – sadness, anger, frustration, more anger, betrayal efge anger again. The actions of Rohit were that of a common narrow minded ans suspicious husband was constant throughout.

Quotes from The Edge of Desire. He has also played the part the edge of desire tuhin sinha the protagonist, Mayank in the promo and music video shot around his first novel, That Thing Called Love. The story is about Shruti Ranjan, how the men the edge of desire tuhin sinha her life shaped her future, and circumstances led from on incident to another, leading to a whole new life for Shruti. I especially liked that part of the story where he tries to bring forth the various equations that make up a relationship.


She is all by herself to deal with things with no backup from her family or her friends It has touched lot of issues which must have happened some time in the last 3 decades in India. Interestingly, Sharad is as unconventional in other ways as well.

I was not enjoying my work. Left yourself room for a sequel, is it? I should warn you, it’s not for the faint of heart because the author isn’t afraid to get to the dark and gritty places and that’s what makes it literally unputdownable. In fact, publishers and readers would keep asking me for it. Loosely inspired by the Mahabharatthe book narrates the fight back of a rape victim who goes on to become a top political leader of the country.

What about her believes thhe visions for her country? Naturally, The edge of desire tuhin sinha too was undeniably eager for this one, and the blurb proved fodder to my imagination. Shruti, former the edge of desire tuhin sinha married to a messianic IAS officer, is raped by the men he is out to get.

Rashmi rated it it was amazing Mar esge, It goes without saying that things would have been different had India had a stronger leader at the helm of affairs. Post was not sent – check your email addresses! The novel was originally published as 22 Yards in August by Westland [13] [14]. The challenge for me was to weave these two issues within the format of a commercial fiction novel.

The book has earned rave reviews from readers across the country. The language is intelligible to all classes of readers. I cou This book is a narrative the edge of desire tuhin sinha Shruti Ranjan a former journalist whose fate takes her to become deputy home minister to Sharad Malviya a charismatic political leader who envisions India as a nationally n culturally integrated country.


The answer thhin no, but does she do anything about it? Don’t be surprised if it’s “scripted” into a motion picture pretty soon. Sinha is an Indian author and politician. In fact, publishers and readers would keep asking me for it. Taunted for being a ‘Draupadi’ she makes the curse her identity and resolutely fights her fate Tuhin released his sixth book, Daddy.

The Edge of Desire – Tuhin A. Sinha: A Review | A Tale of Two and a Half

One of them is rape victims emotions, her helpless pathos is beautifully n subtlety portrayed. When justice is nearly denied she grabs the oppurtunity provided by Sharad Malviya Charismatic politician to become an elected member of Lok sabha to esge her case. By writing this novel, the novelist wants to give a social message to the society that women are no more a poor mean creature and fight against all odds if injustice is inflicted towards them.

As long as the issues are represented adequately, allowances are fine. Time and again slnha per plot characters are put in reference to the characters in the edge of desire tuhin sinha of Mahabharata, Ramayana and other famous personalities of India like Mahatma Gandhi and Jawaharlal Nehru. The protagonist gets married after catching her live-in partner in an intimate position with her girl-friend. It is also commendable that he explored some different topics with The Edge of Desire through a woman’s point of view and succeeded, to a certain extent.

The first 5 chapters were almost similar to bollywood film Shool. No, she continues just as she was and eventually starts coming across the edge of desire tuhin sinha an excessively desiee woman who was tujin of taking charge of her life. The Edge of Desire 3.

I enjoyed reading her journey.