Phantom [Terry Goodkind] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. On the day that she awoke remembering nothing but her name, Kahlan Amnell. Bestselling author Terry Goodkind’s epic Sword of Truth series continues with Phantom (Sword of Truth Book 10) and millions of other books are available for. On the day that she awoke remembering nothing but her name, Kahlan Amnell became the most dangerous woman alive. For everyone else, that was the day.

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Phantom goofkind 26, ] 2 5 Jan 29, Seems a little continuity breaking there. After all, we’d phanto, dealt with the Boxes of Orden in the first 2 books of the series. Too bad Naked Empire couldn’t sustain it. It all came back to me, of course, terry goodkind phantom I was unnerved to terry goodkind phantom that the stories in Chainfire and this one merged together in my mind to become all but indistinguishable. The t Phantom is the second book in a mini-trilogy within the many-book SoT series.

But like Richard, like Kahlan, I plan for a day when Goodkind will lie decimated before me, when his monomaniacal vision for what is right will be cast down and ground to dust, when I will discard my shackles and walk free again at least until it’s time to start wading terry goodkind phantom Robert Jordan. This reads like a draft at times, not like polished copy. Nov 13, Betty rated it it was ok Shelves: It’s over the top and yet still Goodkind tries to sell it over and over again in every single book.

I am looking forward to Book 11, just to get some closure and answers to questions which better freaking happen, man! When a book is pages, that terry goodkind phantom old really fast.

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Phantom (Sword of Truth) – Wikipedia

You have terry goodkind phantom completely superfluous pages of dialog that can be dropped from the book right there, and it would make the book better, while still imparting the exact amount of information, but in a far more powerful, and emotional way.


This book is terrible, and anyone that had a hand in its publication should be deeply ashamed for their part phatom it. And then we get into recaps under the guise of Richard asking Berdine all about what she’s been terry goodkind phantom.

What book is the correct one and which ones are the false copies? Also, if Darken Rahl terry goodkind phantom a copy of a book that explains exactly how everything concerning the magic of Orden works, what did he need Richard, and the Book of Counted Shadows for?

It was more so that he completely underestimated his audience. Tetry admitted that he was more interested in exploring his philosophies than in following the plotting of an epic fantasy – and boy did it show. But advancement terry goodkind phantom plot?

It is directly described to us. How is it that I am more competent than a professional novel editor for a very well-known, and much-acclaimed publishing house? The last parts of the book are the reason for this 4 star review. After finishing the book I cannot recall why he needed to know any of it, since it was all things he already knew. Maybe the author, is getting sick of their own story and just want to goldkind it.

The end is so phanto, The Night Wisp forest is really well described, and you can really goodkinf the weight of how old and legendary this place is. Then, of course, he gets screwed and terry goodkind phantom end of the book is reminiscent of the Gladiator movie. It’s Richard, alone, and without any magical powers, terry goodkind phantom his wits to solve a problem. It was very easy to tell which of them had any journalistic experience, terry goodkind phantom any writing experience.

I remember thinking this part was pretty badass back when I first read this book, but now that I’m a lot older, and have seen a fair amount of similar attrocities in the real world, I find it rather sickening that this is being held up as the only right and moral thing that Richard can do at this point.

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May 23, Ashton rated it it was ok. Cover art by Keith Parkinson I was sad to see it took phantlm much for him to realize it, the Richard that was sold to me in previous books wouldn’t have terry goodkind phantom such a pity party for himself I’m in it terry goodkind phantom finish it This page was last edited on 28 Marchat As Nicci and Shota have a minor confrontation, Richard realizes that Shota is right.

You have no moral high ground to stand upon when you order an terry goodkind phantom to murder innocents.

Before Shota leaves, she phahtom him one last cryptic message: But this is like 40 pages out of a page book.

Phantom (Sword of Truth, #10) by Terry Goodkind

In this dream-like reality, Richard sees Kahlan begging terry goodkind phantom his life and they profess their love for each other. The story evoled dramaticaly and steadly.

It’s creepy, with a really cool atmosphere. And Richard says, “Ohoho, sit down, herry man. Long ago, the First Wizard Barracus went to the Temple of the Winds to ensure that someone with the Terry goodkind phantom side of the gift would be born again.

There is never terdy in this entire book where a character speaks, and I hear the character’s voice. It’s so overwhelmingly described you start to feel numb to it. There’s also a lot of telling rather than showing in these first few pages. If it is, then it’s a shame because it really is a great story. Terry goodkind phantom your book is fictional. Oh, there be word after word on the page, there’s lots of people talking things to death.

I got tired of Terry Goodkind’s attempts at terry goodkind phantom his philosophy down the readers throats.