Download scientific diagram | Super Commando Dhruv and Schweta in Mahamanav ki Gawahi (Mahamanav’s Statement, ). Reproduced with kind. Download scientific diagram | Super Commando Dhruv in Video Villain (). Reproduced with kind permissions from Raj Comics. from publication: Gendering . Super Commando Dhruv, Rajnagar, India. 10K likes. An Indian Comic Superhero from Raj Comics.

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Their technology is far more advanced as compared to humans which allowed Dhananjay to fit a chip inside Dhruva’s neck by a short surgical procedure, there by providing Dhruva the ability to speak and breathe inside water. Instead, as Wright pointed out, he prefers to sport a “solid-looking helmet of hair”. But Shweta somehow manages to come out clean every time proving that she is not Chandika.

This series is special because Dhruv is featured for first time with Inspector Steel in a 2 in 1 comic, despite both the comando being in action in the same city for a long commanfo. Dhruva used to wear a yellow leotard over blue full co,mando spandex bodysuit, a brown belt with a star shaped buckle and a pair of brown shoes while performing for Jupiter circus as a 14yr old.

This article is about the Indian superhero character. Dhruva has been shown to have utmost respect for human life and has vowed not to take a human life ever. Around the yearwhen Sanjay Gupta got busy with the development of a new superhero Dogahe handed dhrub the job of writing and drawing Nagraj to Anupam Sinha.

On one hand, his crime fighting style is very similar to that usper Batman’s and, on the other hand, his origin resembles to that of Robin’s.

List of Dhruva comics

Cover art for the reprints [10]. Dhruva has a large range of supporting characters who have played significant roles in his story arcs. He is always well dressed with buttoned collar and sports well kept hairs.

These animals often help Dhruva in various tasks ranging from transportation, reporting him of an occurrence of a crime in front of their eyes to even assisting him in his fights. Dhruva’s commanvo design, as created by Sinha back inwas an adolescent boy standing beside his bike wearing a yellow-blue trapeze artist costume, buttoned shirt collar, a black belt with star buckle, shoes instead of bootsand with no gloves, mask, or cape, holding a helmet in his hand.


By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. A new supervillain Alchemist targeted Dhruva’s foster family forcing him to wonder whether it was a mistake to become a crime fighter without a secret identity and jeopardising his family’s security. Dhruva’s Commando Forcea team of three trained cadets Auper MassyKarim Shah and Renu has been another important support for him in his fight. Four things that really define the character are star-blades, star-line, utility belt and Dhruva’s special motorbike.

Super Commando Dhruva

By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Dhananjay, the descendent of Gods, is Dhruva’s most powerful ally and a good friend who not only provided him with the power to breathe inside water but is also ready to help whenever Dhruva needs him and vice versa.

Eventually it was revealed that Chandika was his foster-sister Shweta Mehra. This was due to the fact that this issue was written by Sanjay Guptathe writer of Nagraj, dhurv not by Sinha.

Inside this tough superhero exterior, Dhruva has a sense of humor too.

Largely based on the Hindu epic Ramayanathe story of Nagayana as a whole as well as most of its sub-plots narrowly follow the same storyline as that of the Hindu epic with Raj Comic characters Nagraj, Dhruva, Visarpi and Nagpasha filling in the roles of original characters RamaLaxmanaSita and Ravana respectively.

Retrieved 27 March Saurabh marked it as to-read Aug 18, In spite of these similarities, there are a lot of differences as well, most notably being the fact that Dhruva doesn’t have an alter ego. Want to Read Currently Reading Read. This issue dealt with Robo’s and Natasha’s past and brought turmoil in Dhruva’s love life eventually ending with Natasha leaving Dhruva and joining Robo’s crime syndicate once again.

As a little sister, she engages with Dhruva in funny sibling banter, cheers him up and makes sure he never feels sad or misses his biological family.

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Dhruva’s preferred mode of transport is his special motorbike. Dhruva often indulges in healthy sibling rivalry, leg-pulling and playing pranks with his foster-sister Shweta and loves his foster family very much. Dhruva is also the founder and captain of a government approved crime fighting organisation ” Commando Force “, which has earned Dhruva the titles such as Captain Dhruva and Super Commando.


He received strength training from Herculescircus’s strongman. Retrieved 30 June Nagayana Series – Part 3 [24]. Smrtprash marked it as to-read Sep 16, He learned stunt motorcycling from motorcyclist Pawanwho used to display his wall of death stunts in Jupiter Circus. Dhruva has got surveillance cameras installed all over Rajnagar streets which are monitored at the headquarters for suspicious activities. Our first goal was to make a total Indian character.

Star-blade is Dhruva’s personalised shuriken like razor sharp weapon. Dhruva’s comics now contain commanco science fiction-based time and space travels. Dhruva has his own rogues gallery filled with an assortment of villains that includes common criminals without any superpowers, supervillains, devils and even extraterrestrial beings. Archived from the original on 22 October InRaj comics published a list of Top 20 best sellers titles on their official Facebook page based on the sales figures on their own online store and Flipkart.

Cover also features other Raj Comics superheroes, but they are not seen in the issue.

Commando headquarters’ system also keeps the data on supeg criminal, can access police records as well Interpol files on request. But we were definitely inspired by them. Dhruva Digest 4 [33]. Dhruva also carries a special transmitter fixed at ‘Brahmand Rakshak’ frequency which enables him to stay in contact with the Brahmand Rakshak headquarters as well as the other members of Brahmand Rakshak team.

In this title, one of the Toads mentioned that Dhruva is a lover boy and Dhruva even displayed his musical talent as a good flautist. This article needs additional citations for verification. It added a lot of new elements to the character’s story. Kids see every person as a super hero. Whatever little equipments he makes use of, most of them have the word ‘star-‘ prefixed to them, which gives it a slight campy feel.