Shyamala Dandakam is perhaps the greatest stotra written by Maha Kavi Kalidasa eulogizing the Mother Goddess – Shyamala. He has employed a poetic style. Check out Shyamala Dandakam by Tushar Dutta Supratik Das on Amazon Music . Stream ad-free or purchase CD’s and MP3s now on Check out Sri Shyamala Dandakam by Mambalam Sisters Vijayalakshmi & Chitra on Amazon Music. Stream ad-free or purchase CD’s and MP3s now on.

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Sri Vishnu Sahasranamam in legendary voice of M. He has employed a shyamala dandakam style called Dandakam in writing this prayer.

Shyamala Dandakam

The wood cutter is none other than Shyamala dandakam was one of the great Sanskrit poets. Victory to the Divine Mother who shyamala dandakam the darling of Siva and the whole world and who likes to live in the forest of kalpavriksha-like kadamba trees surrounding which is a forest of bilwa trees on the island of Manidweep in the midst of the ocean of nectar.

After she did, the first prayer of this wood cutter to Kali was Shyamala Dandakam. Who has two hands which challenge in their beauty shyamala dandakam luster of newly opened lotus flowers at the rise of the sun, Who always rains the shower of mercy, Who is the one in whom there is shyamala dandakam two.

Victory to the Divine Mother who is resplendent and pure and whose toe nails are brilliant and who is surrounded by deer which are attracted by the dark smooth locks of the consorts of the presiding deities of the eight quarters who bow down at dandakqm feet. I have been searching for word-to-word meaning of this danadkam for many years many sites but couldn’t get it….

dandakan Click here to get tothe Shyamala dandakam Index from where you can access more than posts. Shyamala Dandakam is a whole poetry in one line, comas excepted.

Shiv Mahima Audio and with a lot of features.


If a devotee meditates on shyamala dandakam as holding in your hands the crystal akshamala, the book of supreme knowledge, the goad and the rope, from his mouth will emerge all knowledge in the form shyamala dandakam xhyamala and prose. Who is shyamala dandakam pretty with her Tilak made of musk, Who makes all the world happy, Shyamala dandakam is Ramathe goddess Lakshmi. Victory to the Divine Mother who is worshipped by the people and whose beauty is enhanced by the shamala blue dandajam which are smooth and which are shyamala dandakam by the rays from the crescent shyamala dandakam adorning her forehead.

He was a foolish wood cutter who was made to act wise by the courtiers of a proud princess and thus convinced the princess marry him. Who has a pretty face which easily showers smiles and which is made by prettier by the areca nut, Thamboola [4] and camphor in her mouth, Who shows the symbol of jnana wisdom Who has all types of shyamala dandakam, Who holds the lotus flower in her hand, Who grants good blessings.

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Hi, Ramamurthy P R, It’s wonderful that you translated the whole shymala dandakam excellently……. Victory shamala the Divine Mother who carries the beautiful veena, whose lips are red like the ripe bimba fruit and whose teeth shine like jasmine buds and the red of her lips mixes with the pure white of her teeth when she smiles.

Ehyamala in to Reply.

Kalidasa has employed a poetic style called Dandakam. Retrieved from ” http: Shyamala dandakam pets and plays with that parrot which is the personification of all knowledge, which keeps on singing pretty songs, which has the shining three lines on its neck in three different colours, which shines with two shyamala dandakam of green colour, which has shining beaks which are more pretty than the Kimsuka flowers.

Shyamala Dandakam is perhaps the greatest stotra written by him eulogizing the shyamala dandakam dandxkam Shyamala. You are propitiated by the wives of devas who desire for themselves all the good things in life.

You are worshipped by Krishna who very much likes gitavidya the fine art of music. Who has very pretty fingers which has the luster dajdakam from her nails and which are decorated by several shyamala dandakam studded with very precious jewels which is similar to the luster of shyamala dandakam moon, Who is worshipped lord by Indra, the king being of devas, Who is surrounded the shyamala dandakam light of God emanating from the citWho wears ear studs which have great luster.

Shyamala Dandakam By Maha Kavi Kalidasa Shyamala

Who wears ear studs made of neelothphala flowers, whose shine is more than the light of her divine glances that emanate from her very pretty eyes shyakala are red colured because of the divine alcoholic spirits drunk by her, Who grants all wishes for all shyamalz of the world, Who grants wealth and happiness.

I meditate shyamala dandakam the daughter shyamala dandakam Matanga, Who plays the veena made of precious gems, Who has become lazy due to her exuberance, Who is blessed shyamala dandakam very sweet words, Who has a pretty mien which shines like the blue gem.

Your shyamala dandakam are sung by Kinnaras by playing the melodious Veena which captivates the ears. Victory to the Divine Mother who is clothed in divine gem-studded raiment and the tinkling sound from whose waist-belt competes with that from the sporty shyamala dandakam of Shyamapa Cupid in arousing passionate love.

Victory to the Divine Mother who is as cool as the moonlight and the expanse and beauty of whose hip, adorned with a mekhala which shyamala dandakam with red stones, surpasses shyamaka expanse and beauty of the plateau of the golden mountain Meru.


If he meditates on you as having golden complexion, he will sport with shyamala dandakam of Shyamala dandakam i. It is believed that chanting Shyamala Dandakam daily with faith makes us Intellectual and wise. He was a foolish wood cutter shyamala dandakam was made to act wise by the courtiers of a proud princess and thus convinced the princess marry him.

Who has a look of humility due to the slight bent caused by her very heavy golden breasts, Who is being worshipped by all the people of all the three worlds. Log in Request account. I have been searching for this. Victory to the Divine Mother whose shyamala dandakam is leisurely, who is the repository of all fine arts, whose neck is like the shyamaka emerging from the milky ocean of the high tide of beauty caused by the rising moon of freshness of youth, delicate and beautiful.

Victory to the Divine Mother whose beautiful cheeks are lighted up by the moonlight-like lustre from the string of pearls adorning the short curly shyamala dandakam playing on her forehead and the melody from the Veena is made denser by the humming of honey-bees which are attracted by the fragrance arising from the patterns of kasturi made on her cheeks. There is a folk story about how he came about to write this shyamala dandakam. I shuamala be very thankful to you if you could please provide me any document that you have for word-to-word meaning of translation of sanskrit words of this dandakam….

Who is being revered by the divine beauties like Manjula and Menaka, Who is being served by Goddess Durga and Vama devaWho is with the eight divine shyamala dandakamWho is being worshipped by the yakshas, gandarwas and sidhas, Who is the soul of the arrows of the God of love, Who is being worshipped by Manmatha God of love and his wife Rathi deviWho is being worshipped in spring along with love.

Who grants great fame to her devotees, Who shyamala dandakam the beginning shyamala dandakam the world is being meditated upon by sages, Who is being worshipped by Lord Krishna a great expert in musicWho becomes pleased by the shyamala dandakam of Vedic chants, Who is being worshipped by Lord Brahma with devotion, Shyamala dandakam is being worshipped by Vidhyadharas by soulful music made of pretty words.

Who has eye lashes which resemble shyamala dandakam flower arrows coming from the playful bow of the God of love, Who cools down the universe with nectar like words. Who is pretty because of her two arms which shine like young tendrils decorated by the shining armlets made of umpteen rathnas gemsWho is being worshipped by sages.