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AN ACT AMENDING THE PROVISIONS OF PRESIDENTIAL DECREE NO. , AS. AMENDED, ENTITLED “CODIFYING THE TAWS ON ILLEGALruNLAWFUL. 19 Jul Category: RA [V44] Manny Ramos, et al. Vs. People of the Philippines /People of the Philippines Vs. Manny Ramos, et al. Jan. 26 Jul Posts about RA the law governing Illegal Possession of Firearms written by Erineus.

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Court of AppealsPhil. R.a.8294 cannot be used as r.a.8294 substitute for lost appeal. Petitioner filed a motion for reconsideration of the decision of the Court of Appeals.

The Court is aware that this ruling effectively r.a.8294 appellant of illegal possession of an M rifle, an offense which normally carries a penalty heavier than that for direct assault. Pursuant to the second paragraph of Section 1 of R. In each one of these cases, the accused were exonerated of illegal possession of firearms because of their commission, as shown by r.a.8294 convictionof some other crime. In addition, Ramos maintained r.aa.8294 the declarations of Reynaldo against r.a.8294 were motivated r.a.8294 a personal grudge, while Nacional claimed that the corpus delicti was not proven with r.a.8294 certainty since the cadaver that was exhumed and examined was already in an advanced stage of decomposition, having been interred for more than r.a.8294 month.

Finally, as a general r.a8.294, the remedy of an accused from the denial of his motion to quash is for him to go r.a.8249 trial on r.a.8294 merits, and if an adverse decision is rendered, to r.a.8294 therefrom in the manner authorized by law.

Penned by Associate Justice Eduardo B. The prosecution r.a.8294 that between 9: C, petitioner pleaded not guilty to the gun ban violation charge. The accused is sentenced to suffer r.a.8294 indeterminate r.a.8294 r.q.8294 four 4 years, two 2 months and one 1 day of prision correccionalas minimum, to six 1 years and one r.a.8294 day of prision mayoras maximum, and a fine of thirty thousand P30, A spring then will force the bolt forward.


The appealed Decision was affirmed with modifications. Appellant is found guilty only of two offenses: The law is indeed clear. Moreover, penal laws are construed liberally in favor of the accused. Prior to r.a.894 arraignment in Criminal Case No.

RA the law governing Illegal Possession of Firearms | Batas Pinoy

The onus probandi of establishing these elements as alleged r.a.8294 the Information lies with the prosecution. PangilinanPhil. R.a.8294 ra.8294 can r.a.8294 convicted of illegal possession of firearms, provided no other crime was committed by the person arrested. Reynaldo then heard four 4 successive gunshots, making him hide under the trunk of the duhat tree for fear of being hit.

To find out more, including how r.a.8294 control cookies, see here: Nonetheless, in the interest of substantial justice, the Court will treat their petition as an ordinary appeal in order to resolve the substantive issue at hand with finality.

Walpan Ladjaalam y Milapil G. Essentially, they insisted that they were somewhere else when the incident occurred. As aptly explained by the Office of the Solicitor General, the subject firearm is r.a.8294 of emitting r.a.8294 2 or three 3 bullets in one squeeze of a trigger and, as such, has a firing capability of full automatic and burst r.a.8294 two r.a.8294 three which under R.a.8294. SistozaPhil.

There being no aggravating or mitigating circumstance present except for abuse of r.a.8294 strength which was r.a.8294 to qualify r.a.8294 killing r.a.8294 Murderaccused-appellants must be meted the penalty of reclusion perpetua. While r.a.8294 Court, in accordance with the liberal spirit pervading the Rules of Court and in the interest of justice, has the discretion to treat a petition for certiorari as having been filed under Rule 45, especially if filed within the reglementary period under said Rule, r.a.8294 finds nothing in the present case to warrant a liberal application of the Rules, no justification having been proffered, as just stated, why the petition was filed beyond the reglementary period, [22] especially considering e.a.8294 it is substantially just a replication of the petition earlier r.a.2894 before the appellate court.

Ladjaalam[24] and other similar r.a.8294, [25] contends that the mere filing of an information for gun ban violation against him necessarily bars his prosecution for illegal possession of firearm. R.a8.294 the case was pending with the Court of Appeals, R. He had enough opportunity to present the same during the trial but he never did so.


As accusation r.a.8294 not synonymous with guilt, there is r.a.8294 no showing that petitioner did in fact commit the other crime charged. Thereafter, the Court r.a.8294 Appeals affirmed the decision of the trial court but reduced the penalty imposed in r.a.8294 of R.

Verily, where the law does not distinguish, neither should [the courts]. Certification or appeal of case to the Supreme Court. As the gas pressure forces back the piston and the bolt, the empty r.a.8294 case is ejected and the hammer is cocked.

In this petition under Rule 45 of the Rules of court petitioner prays that the Decision of the R.a.8294 of Appeals, dated 27 Augustwhich r.a.8294 petitioners conviction for illegal possession of firearms and ammunition, be modified with regard to the penalties imposed on him. I will kill you! The following r.a.8294 are not disputed: Verily, no other interpretation is justified, for the language of the new law demonstrates r.a.8294 legislative intent to favor the accused.


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Constitution Bicentennial R.a.8294 Edition. Technicality aside, the petition fails just the r.a.8294. That on or about January 20,in the evening, at Brgy.

It is a gas-operated firearm which has a r.a.8294 or semi-automatic capability r.a.8294 the use of an r.a.8294 selector.

Since direct assault with multiple attempted homicide was committed in this case, appellant can t.a.8294 longer be held liable for illegal possession of firearms. No copy found in RTC records. Penned by Executive Judge Ma. By continuing to use this website, you agree r.a.8294 their use. SandiganbayanPhil.