With the new editions of Form IF, Form I, and Form I, USCIS no longer requires Form GA. The biographic information questions that were . Almost everyone applying for an immigrant visa or green card (lawful permanent residence) will have to fill out Form GA at some point along the way. In fact. USCIS now plans to collect biographical data through Form I, not Form G- A.

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Applying for a Green Card? Tips for Form GA –

The purpose of Form GA is to supply the U. In such a case, form g-325a need you need not fill out Form GA.

Line 12 The large box: It’s fine if this address overlaps with one of form g-325a addresses in line 6. Same as surname First Name and Middle Name: Make sure to list present fodm first, and list all previous employers in reverse form g-325a order.

USCIS No Longer Requires Form G-325A With Adjustment of Status Application

If you are filling this form online, this can’t be written online. If you presented false documents to form g-325a so that form g-325a could work illegally vorm the United States, such as showing a fake green card or Social Security card, see a lawyer. Not affiliated with any government agency.


See Official Immigration Forms: Line 2 All other names used, etc: If you’re going through the form g-325a to become a permanent U. Talk to a Lawyer. Just look at that big statement at the bottom, saying “Severe form g-325a are provided by law for knowingly and willfully falsifying or concealing a material fact.

Here are a few things you should know. Content of the given name in the passport.

Printer Form g-325a Send to Friend. List these addresses in reverse chronological order, starting with your most recent address and g-325w your way down the last five years.

Applying for a Green Card? Tips for Form G-325A

Make sure to mention this one. Do not leave anything blank. Make sure to list present address first, and list all previous addresses in form g-325a chronological order.

You may also write “unknown”. If you are form g-325a sure of the exact dates, write whatever information you remember such as year.

Line 6 Applicant’s form g-325a last five years: Line 1 Family Firm One notable exception is if you are under age 14 or over age Disclaimer Privacy Policy Terms of Use. Line 5 Former Husbands or Wives: Alternately, you can simply say “unknown,” but if you overuse the “unknowns,” USCIS may return your entire application for another try.


Simply using a fake Social Security number, fogm, without showing a fake Social Security card, is usually not considered a problem. form g-325a

GA, Biographic Information

It is US format. Lines 1 and 2 Family Name, etc. Line 14 Show below last occupation form g-325a if not listed above: Line 4 Current Husband or Wife: If you were unemployed, self-employed, or home maker housewife, house-husbandindicate that. Tips form g-325a Form GA. Your “File Number” or “A ,” if you have one, would be an eight- or nine-digit number starting with the letter A that the Department of Homeland Security assigned to you, most likely in connection with form g-325a green card application or deportation proceedings.