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Original electronic format These ebooks were created from the original electronic layout files, and therefore are fully text searchable. Click here for more details.

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etheescope Unfortunately, the resulting quality of these books is not as high. This title was added to our catalog on December 10, It is more culturally influential than London due to its size and economic power but is subject to their more politically powerful southern cousin. Scientists conjecture that Ether is the substance between the stars and that Etherspace is a realm of pure energy.

Others posit that perhaps they were always there in the Etherspace and that the presence of other lifeforms has just drawn their interest. Log In with Facebook. Steam engines became smaller, weapons became more powerful, and cybernaughtics replaced limbs lost in bloody imperial wars.

Jack in, scope up, and get ready, because the options for an Etherscope game are endless! Mysterious System Agents ethersccope in the shadows as treasure hunters raid Lemurean ruins for lost secrets. Etherscope RPG Etherscope rulebook. However, the system really surprised me in a bad way. Most older books are in scanned image format because original digital layout files never existed or were no longer available from the publisher. Nationalist movements across the globe are fierce but mostly non-violent.


Government programs sponsoring scientific research, technological specialization, and skilled labor manufacturing were used to create a prosperous economy with trade links outside the Union.

During The Pan-European War, the shorter lines etherscopw communication due to Germany’s rapid invasion of Russia in initially made it easier for Russia to manage supply lines and maintain large reserves to counterattack Axis thrusts.

The setting is a Steampunk fantasy world in which the fifth Platonic element, Ether cosmic energyis discovered and tapped as an energy source. It is, however, a science fantasy background rather than a scien [ Etherscop vary from upper-class dilettantes to massive government bureaucracies and wealthy corporations.

Etherscope RPG

New Account or Log In. Etherscope is an excellent value D20 system role playing game set in an alternate earth where the British Empire never fell and alternate technology steampunkish reigns.

Members are seen as eccentric but harmless, as their cultures are well-to-do under their overlords and would fare poorly if they were independent. The Dutch are hemmed-in in Europe but have huge overseas colonies in the Pacific. Ethercope British Empire intervened on the side of the Unionists in and used regular troops alongside Irish militia and paramilitary forces to crush the Republicans’ main force conventional troops.

Persia our current-day Iraq and Iran is still intact because it was never occupied by Britain and France. Punk scope riders fight evil industrialists while occult investigators war against Etherspace demons. Dreamers say it is the magical “faerieland” from folktales, myths, and legends.

Japan is very poor, relying on exporting cheap goods brokered for them by the Dutch East India Company. Spain and Portugal are mired in poverty and obscurity. Somehow the setting had completely been missed by me but I am very happy that I [ Wilhelm and Sophie acted as co-regents until their son’s majority at 18 [].


The exact opinion varies, as nothing is known precisely about it. They divide human stock into “Alphas” gene-spliced humans with superior or even non-human traits and “Betas” their term for ordinary “baseline” humans. The military secures its borders from outside aggression while the Secret Police secures the state from traitors at home and counter-revolutionaries abroad.

Others use it to further criminal or political goals by stealing, altering, or even deleting stored information or forging hideouts or communication networks in the Etherscape to avoid the authorities. Cyberpunk Victoriana Now it’s America used diplomatic pressure on the allies and then threatened military interference in the summer ofallowing Japan to fight the Europeans to a stalemate.

The aristocrats control the Army and all major and senior government posts, while the upper and middle class commoners dominate the Navy and the bureaucracy. The Austro-Hungarian royal family was then integrated into the Prussian imperial family through intermarriage and the granting of titles in the Prussian nobility.

Those armed elements, however, were well-organized, well-funded and had access to modern weaponry. Etheric avatars are etheric constructs that are created by Etherscope users to represent them in Etherspace. Can we respond to you about this? The might of Victorian industry drove forward, breaking down the frontiers of technology.