The Energization Exercises in Self-Realization Fellowship Lessons are a method of exercise that directly awakens the all-healing life force for the maintenance. The Energization Exercises, originated by Paramahansa Yogananda and taught in Self-Realization Fellowship Lessons (q.v.), enable man to recharge his body. So take the Challenge: Dive deep into the renowned Energization Exercises of Paramhansa Yogananda. If you already know the Energization Exercises, this is .

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Ananda is a worldwide movement to help you realize the joy of your own higher Self.

Close your eyes and focus your attention at the point between the eyebrows. Memory and brain power are also increased through greater blood supply. Enjoy that pause as well. Do this three times in each direction, alternating sides.

The only other funeral he had attended was that of his grandfather, and he remembered that his father had tied a dog to a post outside the house.

Phase 5 will be completely new to most of you; it was to me. It only takes 15 minutes—or less. Begin with your arms at your sides.

Energization Exercises

The circulation, respiration, digestion, and all other involuntary processes of the body are harmonized and exercies, and the mind is clarified. The arms should be tensed throughout these movements, but relaxed momentarily at the points where they are fully extended and when the fists touch the chest.


Begin the relaxation phase by bringing the chin to the chest and thus relaxing all four parts of the neck. Here is your opportunity to: Double exhale as you step your left foot forward and thrust your right arm forward, tensing the entire right side of your body as energiization closing a heavy door.

It teaches how to recharge the body battery with fresh life energizatlon by increasing the will power. So take the Challenge: Double inhale as you step back and relax into the initial position. Exhale with the movement pushing forward and coming back to the chest. Neither variation is a big deal, but neither is it the exercise as Yoganandaji taught it.

And so it was ever after in that family: Phase 3 Tense the 20 body parts, holding the tension. Phase 1 Tense the entire body simultaneously.

Ananda is a worldwide movement to help you realize the joy of your own higher Self.

Energization Exercises – Paramhansa Yogananda and the Path of Kriya Yoga

Activate your will power to direct that energy to different parts of your body. Why not untie them and let them go, both for your sake and the sake of your students?

End by coming down off your toes and relaxing the arms, first to your chest and then lowering your hands to your sides. Receive uplifting emails with inspirational content and news about our retreat programs, travels, and trainings.


Sajiv thought that must be a part of the ceremony, so he scoured the neighborhood until he found a stray dog, brought it home, tied it to a post outside, eneergization performed the ceremony. Web Hosting by iPage. If you have already taken the Challenge sign-up again here and choose the Re-energize option in the subscriber preferences.


Phase 4 Relax each muscle individually in the reverse order as you slowly exhale. The result has been, not significant changes, but helpful clarifications that will appear in the next edition of Lessons in Meditationlater in a new Energization booklet and poster, and perhaps in a new Energization video. Stand with your feet comfortably apart and your hands at your waist.

Then pull them back to the chest and push the arms out to the front. The breathing is as follows: Double inhale as you extend the arms above your exercides.

Phase 5 With the chin still on the chest, double inhale and gradually tense, and vibrate the whole body, and then gradually relax, with a double exhalation. Gradually tense and relax each of the twenty body parts individually, alternating from left to right: My Account Accommodations Directions.