21 Jun Original Comic Art titled Die Sturmtruppen page , Bonvi / Franco Bonvicini, located in Mario’s Bonvi (Franco Bonvicini) Comic Art Gallery. Ein Mann setzt alles auf eine Karte (Table of Contents: 3). Die Sturmtruppen / comic story / 3 pages (report information). Script: Franco Bonvicini [as Bonvi]. Cover Thumbnail for Die Sturmtruppen (Condor, series) # View: Large · Edit cover · Cover gallery. Editing. View Change History · Issue at

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Bonvi had a small part as a German officer.

The stories and characters themselves are based partly on the military experience of the author himself, and partly on military literature Remarque’s All Quiet on the Western FrontGuy Sajer’s The Forgotten SoldierSven Comix ‘s books, etc Another example is how die sturmtruppen comic used sandpaper and industrial acids just to wash him.

Finance August 23, No Comment. On comif August Miramax moved forward with plans to create a live-action movie based on Sturmtruppen.

He ends up creating die sturmtruppen comic same rifle, but now howitzer-sized complete with wheels. For the German assault troops, see Stormtrooper.

Die Sturmtruppen page 130, Bonvi / Franco Bonvicini

Tanks are sturmtruppem played for laughs as they fall apart, run out of gasoline and fall into pits of various kinds. A trademark of the comic is the use of an improper, German -mocking Italianusually achieved by adding a final “-en” to most Italian words, or by exchanging “q”s with “k”s, and “v”s with “f”s to achieve a “German-sounding” Italian.

Most characters don’t have proper names but, rather, are called by their military rank or position. Most simple soldiers are given generic “German” names such as Otto, Franz, Fritz, etc. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Sturmtruppen is a successful Italian series of anti-war comic books written and drawn by Bonvithe artistic pseudonym of Franco Bonvicini. The Sturmtruppen comics was successfull also outside Italy and have been translated in many different languages.

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Published by Condor Verlag. No Celebrities Were Harmed: From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. But criticism can subtly extend to today life’s aspects, including TV predominance, class divisions and Roman Church ‘s dogma.

After being thwarted and forced to handle some highly dangerous explosive he goes insane for real sturmtrkppen can leave the army.

Sturmtruppen ‘ s success spurred two cinema eie. Parodied with the Japanese soldier, who tries to hump the crossdressing soldier spy Otto the istant he crosses his line of sight.


His true die sturmtruppen comic is often questioned, especially when after shaving him doe diie out that he was made of hair. The Sturmtruppen never see a single enemy soldier in the sturmtruppej of decades of comic strips, though the enemy’s presence is felt through dei – tank – and artillery fire, whose lethal effects rake all too often through the ranks of the Sturmtruppen’s forgotten soldiers.

Italian comics titles Italian animated television series Italian comic strips Italian comics characters Fictional German people Fictional German Army personnel Comics set in Germany Anti-war comics comics debuts Comics characters introduced in Humor comics Military humor War comics Military comics Italian comics adapted into films Comics adapted into video games.

There are, however, occasional references to specific battle theaters, place names as well as the mostly accurate portrayal of vehicles, weapons and uniforms of the period.

It started as four-frame comic strips back in and evolved into fully sized collector books by the s. They started as four-frame comic strips. The Cook ends comc turning the lunch into an amorphous, Nigh Invulnerable monster that feeds on soldiers. Bonvi was also an expert in World War II German uniforms and equipment and, despite some cartoonish deformations, all of the Sturmtruppen hardware is historically faithful: Sturmtruppen concerns the misadventures of an studmtruppen German army unit which is implied to be a battalion in various war theatres of World War IIby portraying the daily life, sufferings, problems and joys of the average, anonymous soldier.


The first one, Sturmtruppenwas co-written stirmtruppen Bonvicini and directed by Salvatore Samperi.

Sturmtruppen – Wikipedia

There are some strips that have this outcome, plus die sturmtruppen comic hilarious subplot about the Firing Squad. From Wikipedia, the die sturmtruppen comic encyclopedia.

Galeazzo Sturmtrupen and the Ally of the Rising Sun. Xie is a popular and succesful satiric comic, written and drawn by Bonvi real name: Old die sturmtruppen comic and miniatures galleries. There are also many strips in which soldiers are put in drag and forced to attend parties for officers.

This page fie last edited on 20 Septemberat Clothes Make the Superman: The series never explicitly mentioned that the war being fought is actually World War II, since no specific date is ever mentioned.

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Everyone, usually the soldiers. The series continued until the early s. The Videogame published by the Italian software publisher iDea in So war Papis Wehrmacht: