12 Sep David Aaker discusses 10 guidelines for the creation of effective brand portfolio strategies from his most recent book, Brand Portfolio Strategy. Brand Portfolio Strategy has ratings and 5 reviews. Danny said: David Aaker explica las estrategias para manejar carteras de marcas en empresas que p. In my forthcoming book, Aaker on Branding: 20 Principles That Drive Success, I have a section on brand portfolio strategy that discusses the concepts and.

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In a silo organization, high-potential brands are often starved of resources, in part because their business is still small. Still another role of portfolio graphics is to visually denote the brand portfolio structure. One of the coach’s jobs is to place each player in the right position.

If the number of brands is excessive, there may not be adequate resources to support them. The new organization was initially “Dialogic, an Intel company,” but then changed to become a product brand within the Intel Communication Systems Products organization for example, Intel Dialogic Boards. Melody Dtrategy rated it really liked it Aug 06, Part IV discusses how brajd achieve clarity and focus in a portfolio.

The groups provide logic to the brand portfolio and help guide its growth over time. Treating brands as silos “owned” by individuals or organizational units can lead to a misallocation of resources and a failure to create and exploit synergy across brands.

The sales may be stagnant or slowly declining, but there is a hard-core loyal customer base that is unlikely to leave the brand. When feasible, this approach can lead to more visible, stronger brands with more efficient and effective brand-building programs.

Brand Portfolio Strategy | Book by David A. Aaker | Official Publisher Page | Simon & Schuster

Similarly, a key of portfolio management is to identify key straegy of strong brands and leverage them through brand extensions and added role responsibilities. Way of the Wolf Jordan Belfort. Actively managed branded strategu, ingredients, technologies, services or programs create a meaningful impactful point of differentiation for a strateyy offering over an extended time period.


Porttolio editions – View all Brand Portfolio Strategy: Marian rated it really liked it Mar 21, There are also some brands that turn out to be unclear, in that some people locate them in different places in the universe and others cannot place them at all.

The very best offensive lineman may fail as a defensive lineman, just as a great endorser brand may make a weak master brand in a particular context. The point of labeling a brand as belonging to one of these categories is to create additional corporate resources, as the involved brands may not be able to justify appropriate programs based on their current profit streams. Others, like Audi, have a wide umbrella under a single product category.

Brand Portfolio Strategy: Creating Relevance, Differentiation, Energy, Leverage, and Clarity

Brand Relevance David A. Find or create branded differentiators.

The solution is to use a flanker or fighting brand to fight a competitor, thereby insulating the original brand from the aaekr. For too many firms, the management of their portfolio is often deficient or nonexistent, despite the fact brad there is often a huge competitive upside to getting it done better. That might mean creating a master brand with significant future extension potential even if doing so may not be easy to justify with the business of today.

Prince tennis rackets include the benefit-defined Thunder for powerand Precision for shot placement models.

Brand Portfolio Strategy : Creating Relevance, Differentiation, Energy, Leverage, and Clarity

Vertical extensions are risky, but sometimes necessary when creating a new brand is simply not feasible. Abhinav Sahay brad it it was amazing Dec 26, In particular, the brand driving a potentially large emerging business needs to be given extra resources, even though the justification based on short-term results may be difficult.

Want to Read stratevy. The San Jose Sharks major league hockey team has changed the image of the city of San Jose, which had been stuck in the shadow of San Francisco. In another problem — or opportunity — emerged.

If, for example, a weakness is found among the offensive linemen, a team response might address the problem. In the chapter that follows, key building blocks of brand portfolio strategy master brands, subbrands, and endorsed brands will be described, and their relationship will be modeled with the brand relationship spectrum.


In Intel decided that it needed portfplio participate in the market for mid-range and higher servers and workstations.

Questions for Discussion 1. Elena Pitul rated it it was amazing Dec 15, Professor Aaker is at his brilliant best in this book with clear advice on how to make brands ‘real’ in the daily life of an organization and relevant in the marketplace. It can be owned and managed by the firm, as in the following examples: Others, like 3M, GE, and Toshiba, cover a wide variety of product and market settings. The Intel chip and its subsequent generations the inthe inand the in defined the industry standard and was the dominant brand.

He shows how to: In the figure, some major brands that affect Nike are shown.

Why not call it the Pentium 5? Anna Catalano Group Vice President, Marketing, BP Aaker’s epilogue of 20 takeaways should be a bible for all brand managers who want to drive business success. Stretching the brand too far can cause it to lose differentiation and relevance in some contexts.

Because a costly new fabrication plant needed healthy initial demand to pay off, one motivation for the new brand was to signal to customers that the new generation was worth an upgrade.

Brand Portfolio Strategy by David A. Aaker @ – Markenwissen von A bis Z!

The same is true when it is necessary to enter a super-premium market. A visual portfopio of the Pentium brand was integrated into the Intel Inside logo, as shown in Figure ; in essence the Intel Inside brand became an endorser for the Pentium brand. Brand Hierarchy Trees The logic of the brand structure can sometimes be captured by a brand hierarchy or family tree, as illustrated in Figures and