ANSI B Safety Code for Conveyors, With 11,0 Pennission or ASME. ; :; Under Equipment (ASA B) Sectionnl Committee which was. A N A M E R I C A N N AT I O N A L S TA N D A R D. Safety Standard for Conveyors and Related. Equipment. ASME B (Revision of ASME B ). 23 Oct ASME B Safety Standard for Conveyors and Related Equipment.

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Ail openings to hoppers and chutes shall be protected where they present a hazard to personnel.

B2.1 series of wheels supported in a frame over which packages or objects are moved manually, by force of gravity or by power. Bannermao, Columbia Drive, San Mateo? Vibrating Conveyor, A trough” or tube flexibly supported and vibrated to convey bulk material or objects. Signals for the operation of the rig may be given to a signalman or to, the operator direct.

Closely spaced parallel aame with right and left-hand rounded helical threads rotating in opposite direction on which bags of other objects are carried while being conveyed. Re-becketing after thirty 30 operating shifts is suggested or more than thirty 30 if the rig is little used each, shift. The ‘ working load on chain or wire ropes shall not exceed that recommended by the manufacturer.

Section 8 Inspection and Maintenance Inspection Periodic inspection of the entire conveyor ssme should be made. Gaskets holding line pressures shall be so shielded that a. A more general agreement among both manufacturers and users of conveying equipment as to safe practice in b20. design, installation and operation of such equip- ment would undoubtedly lead to further elimination of such accident hazards. The hoist operator should be located so that he can see the hoist and also the working ‘area of the cableway.

Any rules; set forth in this ‘code 1 shall not be construed as supplanting any regu- lation for ‘. Grille or perforated portions of conveyor enclosures and entrance gates shall reject a ball 38 mm 1.

Full text of “ANSI B Safety Code for Conveyors, Cableways, and Related Equipment”

The general safety regu- lations, apply. Tramway, A cable supported system in which the travel of the materials handling carriers is continuous over the supports of one or more spans. Cable way, A cable supported system in which the material handling carriers are not detached from the operating span and the travel is wholly within the span. Ladders, platforms, handholds, etc.

Vibration may be induced electrically or mechanically.

An endless fabric, rubber, plastic, leather, or metal belt which carries bulk materials, packages, or ob- jects, placed directly upon it; and pulleys for changing the direction of belt travel, driving and adjusting; and rollers, troughing idlers, or wooden or ‘metal’ bed supporting the belt and azme load.


These signs should be located at each loading point in a prominent place. The bulk material is conveyed and elevated H en masse” in a substantially continuous stream with a full cross-section of the casing. These members shall be arranged so that loads are carried concentrically and so that no eccentric load can be applied to them or to the track cable connections by virtue of failure or nonoperation of any joint b0.1 in the track system.

Two endless chains or other linkage cross-connected at intervals by bars or rotatable pushers which move packages, or objects along stationary.

Research, Mathews Conveyor Co. American Foundrymen’s Society E. The terra carrousel has been applied to other forms of conveyors such -n, as car-type and pallet-type. This standard does, however, apply to certain conveying devices that incorporate within their supporting structure, work stations or operator’s stations specifically designed for authorized personnel.


Section 9 Related Structures Tunnels, Pits, and Foundations a Tunnels and pits should asmf designed for proper drainage and, if necessary, with sump holes and pumps furnished, Pits and tunnels should also provide ample space for the accumula- tion of spilled.

One or more endless chains which drag bulk materials in a trough or along a defined path. A static full load test shall be performed every five years to ensure that the conveyor holds the load.

Single or double strands of endless chain supporting spaced, removable or attached “sticks”, or. A button line or equivalent device shall be provided to space, the carriers at appropriate intervals along the span. Edison Electric Institute C. Pallet Loader, An automatic device to receive packages, cartons, etc. Cableway, Slack Line or Drag Line Excavator, A cable supported system in which the supporting cable is asem in length to provide the lifting functions of the unit.

Such consultation will tend to biing about uniform application of the code and will keep the committee informed of criticisms which will be considered when the code is revised, Section 4 Mandatory and Advisory Rules To carry out the provisions of this code the word H shall M is to be understood ris mandatory and the word “should” as ad- visory. Pressure systems operated by constant volume, variable pressure positive type blowers shall be equipped with a relief valve, on or adjacent to the blower.


National Assoc, of Mutual Casualty Co. Carruthers, District Safety Engr. If it is necessary to operate the conveyor while servicing it,special safety, provisions shall be used.

Section 14 Belt Conveyors Where a tripper or other moving deflector is used, requiring an operator to travel on the tripper, a suitable operator’s plat. Section 19 Live Roll Conveyor Where installed at floor level or used in working areas, all live roll conveyors should be designed to eliminate hazards from pinch points or moving parts excepting at such places where other provisions are made to prevent personnel from coming in contact with or crossing the conveyor.

Any type of conveyor in which the ma- terial is carried in a series of buckets. Terminal Elevator Grain Merchants Assoc. This standard does not apply to conveyors such as underground mine conveyors for which specific standards are already in effect, or to equipment such as industrial trucks, tractors, trailers, automatic guided vehicles, tiering machines except pallet load tiererscraneshoists, power shovels, power scoops, bucket drag lines, trenchers, platform elevators designed to carry passengers or operator, manlifts, moving walks, moving stairways escalatorshighway or railroad vehicles, cablewaystramways, dumbwaiters, pneumatic conveyors, robots or integral machine transfer devices.

This standard specifically excludes any conveyor designed for, installed for, or used for the movement of human beings. A continuous series of pockets formed of a flexible material festooned between cross-rods carried by two endless chains or other linkage which operate in horizontal, vertical, and inclined paths.

The area around these devices should be kept free of obstructions to permit ready access to them and a clear view of them at all times. A form of portable drag chain, belt or flight conveyor which, can be placed either beneath or over the rails for the purpose of unloading bulk materials from hopper bottom cars. The enclosure walls shall be of solidgrille or perforated construction ; and shall be of such strength and support that when subjected to a leaning or falling rated load on the conveyor, the enclosure walls will not deflect or deform in a way that reduces running clearances to less than 13 mm 0.

Brotherton, Bay State Milling Co. Shay, Zurich Insurance Co.